About me

I used to believe that everything that happens to me in life, will have a happy ending. And then, a year after my wedding, my husband fell ill with cancer. He underwent surgery, chemotherapy, remission and radiation. He recovered, but we could not enjoy it, because we learned that after heavy treatments ha had passed, it will be almost impossible for us to have children.
At that time I was so unhappy as never before. One of few things that helped me to survive was the song Somewhere over the Rainbow. I wanted to believe that somewhere there was a land “where problems melt like lemon drops”. I dreamt that one day The Good Fairy who lives in that land would visit me to comfort me and promise that everything will be fine. In my imagination she had curly hair, red polka dot dress and she was riding a bike. I waited a long time for her to come, but she did not show up. Then I decided to become The Good Fairy myself.
Since I don’t know how to use a magic wand I help as I can by writing uplifting stories and novels.
Emilia Becker is my pen name. Under my real name I am an author of several bestselling nonfiction books. I live in Gdynia, Poland.
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